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BG Homes is an independent family run British/Bulgarian agency aimed at helping you with your property purchase here in Bulgaria, concentrating on the region of Pazardzhik and the surrounding provinces. The services that we offer include help in arranging viewing trips, getting quotes for renovation work, project management, advice on relocation and what is involved. We also offer property management services to look after your property while you are away, company formation and accountancy. Our accounts and translation services are ‘in-house’ which means we can keep costs down, and also if you have any questions you can deal direct with us without going through a third party.

Saints Cyril and Methodius

The Pazardzhik Province is situated in central part of southern Bulgaria and borders the provinces of Plovdiv, Smoylan, Blagoevgrad and Sofia. The total area of the region is 4,458 km² which is 4% of the national territory. Forests account for more than half of the area (57.1%); the arable land is 35.6%, urban territory is 3.3%, rivers and lakes occupy 2.6%, road infrastructure - 0.6% and quarries and mines - 0,4%.

The northern parts of the region include the middle ridges of the Sredna Gora mountain, to the south the relief flattens and forms the western-most parts of the Upper Thracian Plain and to the south are located the Rhodope Mountains where most of the forests are situated. The highest point of the region is Savov Vrah at an altitude of 2,306 m while the lowest altitude is around 200 m in the plains of the central area. The climate is transcontinental with milder winter than northern Bulgaria in the lowlands but with very low temperatures and high snowfall in the mountain areas. The average annual temperature is 11.3°C.

The province is abundant in water resources, its main waterway is the river Maritsa and its catchment basin includes the Topolnitsa river and Luda Yana river from the north and Stara Reka from the south. There are three main reservoirs all situated in the Rhodope Mountains within the municipal limits of Batak, Batak Reservoir, Golyam Beglik, Shiroka Polyana. A fourth large dam lake, the Dospat Reservoir is only partially in the region. In Sredna Gora to the north is Topolnitsa Reservoir shared with the Sofia Province and a dam near Panagyurishte which is in initial stages of construction.



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House/Villa in Pazardzhik ( Ref : SVO-03 )
Great Value!
Selling price : € 5'000
Living space : 70 m²
Land space : 980 m²
Advantages : Close to mountains
House/Villa in Plovdiv ( Ref : MAR-01 )
Fabulous Views!
Selling price : € 65'000
Living space : 150 m²
Land space : 400 m²
Advantages : Close to mountains,Close to spa resort,Close to fishing
House/Villa in Pazardzhik ( Ref : RAD-01 )
Selling price : € 52'000
Living space : 100 m²
Land space : 1000 m²
Advantages : Close to mountains,Close to fishing

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